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Coaching On The Path

Luce Quatromme's special ability is to facilitate healing for all she comes in contact with. Her unwavering ability to hold sacred space for every being, allows each person to go deep into themselves where true healing takes place. Working with the knowledge that all of us posess the perfect remedy to heal our selves, Luce simply leads us where we need to go however we want to get there. 
The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) 
Enlightened Business Institute (EBI) 
Massage Therapist  
Master Patanjali's Yoga Sutras  
Degrees/additional training:  
Diamond Mountain University  
gender: Female  
I embrace a buddhist vision of the world. 
I offer to coach your experience of life in all aspects, without judgement. 
Coaching formats offered :  
One-to-one, In person, Phone, Email, Training, Workshops, Retreats  
I have been coaching professionally since 1989.  
1st session complementary 
Coaching fee range $250 to 500/month 4 sessions  
Languages spoken English and French  
- Une expérience de la vie sous chacun de ses aspects sans vices et sans morale.  
- Une profonde assise méditative lui permettant de distiller l’essence of expérience.  
- Une vision bouddhiste du monde, de ses habitants et de l’illusion de ses souffrances.  
Contact me when you are ready to fly. 
Your companion Coach, 
join me on line with free telephonie when you registrer on  
look for me under the name: Lucelha  
country USA tel: 1 310 413 4956 
Email address :

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